For the licensed trade:

  • Membership of Pubwatch deters troublemakers
    •    Reduces the risk of assaults on licensees, staff and customers
    •    Reduces the risk of damage to property
    •    PEACE OF MIND!
    •    Increases co-operation with the Police leading to swift assistance when required
    •    Improves public image and creates a safer environment in which trade will prosper
    •    Provides a platform for licensees to work together
    •    Shows that you operate a responsible premises
    •    Provision of a barred persons gallery book with regular updates.
    •    An opportunity to nominate persons for barring
    •    Regular meetings / regular intelligence and information updates.
    •    Data Protection registration for the keeping and distribution of offenders photographs and information.
    •    Opportunity to join the pubwatch committee.

For Police:

  • More information is provided about potential trouble-makers
    •    More precise details in calls for assistance and more efficient use of resources
    •    Violent incidents associated with licensed premises decrease
    •    Liaison and understanding with the licensed trade improves
    •    Reduces victims of crime

For the Town:

  • Creates a safer environment in which all business in the Town will benefit and prosper
    •    Better image to customers
    •    More visitors

And most importantly, for the Customer:

  • A more enjoyable, safe and relaxing time in all Devizes Area Pubwatch venues
    •    Reduces the risk of disorder and fear of crime
    •    PEACE OF MIND!